Kathleen’s favorite campsite, engulfed in flames from the 2003 Davis Lake fire.

We Are the Spotters

A spotter? Yes, a spotter is the person who stands at the edge of the berry field while the crop-dusters come in low, spraying poison. Her job was to wave her arms so the spray plane would sweep around and head the other way. Pass after pass after pass, she waved her arms as the crop-duster buzzed her, glazing her with pesticides…

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Climate Change Calls “All Hands”

When a fearsome storm is bearing down on a great ship - the first winds shuddering in the sails, the first waves burying the bowsprit, sullen clouds obscuring the horizon - the captain shouts the order. "All hands on deck." Every sailor knows what that means. Each...

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Four Fallacies and a Big Mistake

In their arguments against divesting from fossil fuels, Ivy League presidents offer a lesson in sophistry. It pains this old logic professor to read university officials' arguments against divesting from fossil fuels -- not because their refusal to divest is...

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The Pope Plays His Trump Card

When Pope Francis framed climate change as a moral problem and issued a call to conscience, he played a powerful card. That’s because a moral argument trumps - that is, negates the power of -- the usual, self-serving responses, like "reducing carbon emissions will cut...

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The World’s Only Three-Minute Commencement Speech

Breaking all records for brevity, Kathleen gave a rousing three-minute commencement speech, when she accepted an Honorary Degree in Humane Letters from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry last weekend. Here is what she said:...

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“What can YOU do about climate change? Take this quiz to find out” is now available in English and Swedish at Yale Climate Communications. If you’ve ever said, “I want to help in the climate struggle, but I don’t know what to do,” here’s a key to your answer. Click here.