Let us celebrate the natural world in the languages of literature, science, and silence. Let us tell new stories that invite a deeper kinship with the world. Let us face our grief at the harm we have done and the global results of our disregard. Then we can ask the important questions: What do we make of the wonder and the sorrow? What response is worthy of us as moral beings?


What's New?

The ferocious environmentalist Derrick Jensen interviewed Kathleen about the anger and the love that drive her climate change work. The Nov 2 interview is archived at www.prn.fm under "Resistance Radio."

In late October, Kathleen gave the dinner keynote for “Water and Its Ripple Effects,” the annual gathering of Rachel’s Network. The Network is a group of women philanthropists who generously and very effectively support environmental causes. You can find her ideas about how most powerfully to protect freshwater on their website, http://rachelsnetwork.org/water/

Kathleen's new essay in ORION magazine, "Rules of the River" (September/October issue), features a new, hopeful metaphor for effective climate action. She discusses the ideas with ORION senior editor, Scott Gast here.

High Country News has an essay by Kathleen in its September 1 issue: Watching the World Go Away," about holding on to the hope of children.

Read Kathleen's new article about the rights of nature: Leaping Lizards! What Might It Mean to Recognize the Rights of Nature? It's online at www.humansandnature.org. "What does Earth ask of us? Restraint, respect, and maybe - after all these years - recognition of the rights of Nature. What would that mean? What moal sense does it make? How is it playing out in Ecuador, the first nation to grant constitutional rights to the Earth?"

Featured Books

MORAL GROUND: Ethical Action for a Planet in Peril

Edited by Kathleen Dean Moore and Michael P. Nelson, Foreword by Desmond Tutu

Although climate destabilization is a scientific and technical issue, it is primarily a moral issue. MORAL GROUND gathers the testimony of one hundred of the world’s moral leaders, all calling us to honor our responsibilities to the future.

"Could there be a more pressing book topic than the fate of humanity?"
– Utne Reader

WILD COMFORT: The Solace of Nature

With stories about kayaking in a snowstorm, wading among salmon in the dark, and cooking breakfast in the desert, Moore offers readers a profound meditation on the healing power of nature.

"In its grounded wisdoms, humility, curiosity, and in the kaleidoscope beauty of its descriptions, Wild Comfort reminds how to see, how to sing; how to welcome, with equal gravity and grace, whatever asks entrance into our lives. It is destined to become a classic."
- Jane Hirshfield